The very first language I ever started to learn was C++, in grade 9 (when I was 14 years old). It took me about a year to fully understand how to program and use the language to create games, applications, etc. In grade 10 (age 15) I started my first official project, which I completed. I learned Java for this project, and did so as an assessment for an electronics class I was taking (since in grade 9 I had already done the assessment the other kids in the class were currently undertaking). This project is called Virtual Robot, it is an educational program designed to teach some basic programming concepts. During the holidays I learned Objective-C and C#.

In grade 11 and 12, I worked on various projects for school using Unity, JavaScript C# and some Windows Form (within C#) programming. In grade 12 I made most of the projects I made open source. I ended up putting them up on my GitHub account, which was when I first started using git (before then I had use Mercurial with BitBucket). During grade 11, at around September/October of 2012 I started to workout and do bodyweight exercises to try and become more healthier and happier (I was quite depressed), this helped tremendously and made me love life, programming and various other things much more.

In grade 12, I started my Research Project. I made a programming language for my research project (which I still have yet to finish, as I’ve been avoiding to finish the implementation stage for quite some time now). After I completed my Research Project, I decided to take a bit of a break on programming. After awhile I came back to programming, and I started working on various open source projects, mainly in C++. Some of these projects are: wink-signals, pine and anax. This is the time where I really started to delve in the new C++11 standard and make good use to it.

After grade 12 had finished, and I completed my exams, I continued to work on my open source projects that I had made. I also contributed to various open source projects, such as: Easylogging++ and Magnum. I also started another project, called rojo, that is “A cross-platform C++11 library that helps creating games and other graphical applications easier to write within C++.”.

As you can tell, I am a passionate programmer, that mainly works in C++ (I do enjoy programming in other languages, I just prefer C++) and is in love in open source and GitHub. I still have a lot to learn, but I am getting there slowly. Hopefully University this year will be fun and I will make a lot of new friends, that enjoy the same things I do :).

Feel free to email me about any questions/queries, look at my stackoverflow account, and check me and my projects out on GitHub.