Most of my projects are open-sourced on GitHub/BitBucket, however some will be close-source (to keep private). I recommend checking out my GitHub profile, as it will have a detailed list of all my projects, with a bigger description and determine how often I contribute to them.

Completed Projects

anax owner & creator

Description Language(s) Tool(s)

An open source entity system written in C++. Mainly used for game development, but could possibly be used for other purposes.

C++ and Bash Git, Vim, CMake, Xcode

Wink Signals owner & creator

Description Language(s) Tool(s)
A fast, lightweight, signal library, for C++11, using the Fastest Possible C++ Delegates, with a little extra features. C++ Git, Vim, CMake

Projects Contributed To

Magnum contributor; author: Vladimír Vondruš

Description Language(s) Tool(s)
Magnum is 2D/3D graphics engine written in C++11 and modern OpenGL. Its goal is to simplify low-level graphics development and interaction with OpenGL using recent C++11 features and to abstract away platform-specific issues. C++ Git, Vim, CMake