Tags: paper ml
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Summary is:

  • Highlights challenges with narrations:
      1. Same action occurs in different scenarios/videos, e.g. using a phone
      1. Different action occurring in the same scenario (temporally close)
      • 2 is a hard-negative
  • Frozen architecture used for end2end training (weights not frozen, arch named "Frozen")
  • In a batch: positive examples are classified as having 1 shared common noun and verb
  • Augment random batch via adding hard-negatives, via temporally close examples (addressing challenge #2)
  • Zero-shot tasks:
    • Ego-Charades
    • Video-retrieval tasks: EPIC-Kitchens-100, HowTo100M, CC3M+WebVid2M
  • Ego4D Tasks (fine-tuned)
    • State change classification
    • NLQ - good performance increase
    • Moments queries