Initialization schemes

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Hypothesis: some conditions should be true for a randomly initialized network to learn effectively:

  1. Initialization => should be unbiased w.r.t data used a. Either pick a better initialization scheme, or b. Perform semi-supervised learning technique to minimize entropy ( #todo cite here) -
  2. A randomly initialized architecture should map each input to a "different mapping" for each input - as it is unbiased

[[id:1415410F-EBC0-4C34-89E8-4B1A2EDEC428][Rethinking the value of network pruning]]


Learning Discrete Representations via Information Maximizing Self-Augmented Training

  • Weight Agnostic Neural Networks
    • Some-what of a contradiction to the [[id:0B555BDF-556C-46E5-B98A-1C46936E3367][Lottery Ticket Hypothesis (LTH)]]
    • Well not quite but it is close