Model Understanding

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Model Understanding #todo

  • in an ideal world we would understand problem

    • even in "ideal" world - probably not possible for some tasks due to complexity of problems
  • or be able to guarantee that the model is correct every time => in that case we would effectively need trust

  • This is only issue for models that are non-interpretable (e.g. not a decision tree or linear model)

  • main use case is model debugging

  • Heart of machine learning is the data

Approaches to the problem


  • "seeing is believing" - visualizing the internals of a system is useful for understanding and learning

Interpretability and Explainability

  • What features did the model pay attention to when making a prediction?


  • Are there spurious correlations/learnt features?
  • i.e. did the model learn the problem using the same of features we use to solve it?


  • Are there subsets of the data that are interesting


  • Attention-based networks - TODO: link papers here contradicting the meta-analysis


  • Which weights are redundant?
  • Can I design a network and/or the structure of the problem being solved to be more interpretable?

What a neural network does

  • Extraction of rules
  • Feature