Neovim Notes

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Literate Programming


Telescope / fuzzy finding

  • From query results -> action
    • to quickfix:
      • telescope.actions.send_selected_toqflist()



  • open
    • :sp, C-w s, C-w S, C-w C-s
    • :vs, C-w v, C-w V, C-w C-s
    • :new, C-W n, C-W C-N
  • quit
    • :q, C-W q
  • cursor movement
    • move to previous window C-w p
  • rotation
    • C-W r, C-W C-R =>
      • rotate downwards/rightwards
      • essentially a shift right or shift down
      • 1st becomes second, 2nd becomes 3rd, etc.
      • within same row or column
    • C-W R => upwards or left
      • opposite of above
    • C-W x => exchange current with next
    • C-W K => move current to top, full width of screen
    • C-W J => move current to bottom, full width of screen
    • C-W H => move current to far left, full width of screen
      • if in horizontal split => exchange to vertical split
    • C-W H => move current to far right, full width of screen
    • C-W T => move current window to a new tab
  • resizing
    • C-W , C-W C- => highest possible height
    • :res -N or +N
      • decrease or increase by N columns (height)
    • C-W < or > => :res with +1 or -1

folds #todo

tabs #todo

quickfix #todo


  • telescope has help tags
  • how to focus window? #todo

Narrow to subtree / block

Can use zen-mode (see "plugins") - seems to use a fold



evaluation of code

echo "hi"



zk, zk-nvim